Thursday, December 18, 2014

Misuse of Surveillance Tech. and Musical Notes

I listened to some songs online, my search history can give all those details. And this person Mr. Rajbir Deswal wrote so much about all that. 
He drummed musical instrumental posts on so many such songs, i watched/listened online. Now all those posts has already been deleted or kept private by him. Most of these songs have not been posted online by me. I just watched or listened to them in my home. These people even wrote at what second i reversed some song and listened how many times! Now gals/people need to take permission from these cheap and sick creatures even for listening or watching songs in our own homes? So many posts on ".....cone.....", ".....banana.......", "......drums and instruments....", "kiske liye sune ja rahe hain itane soulful songs", "........western disturbances.....", "....missing someone....?" and day by day list is just too long! 
Now all those posts either have been deleted or kept private by these people! Just few songs:

It was kinda caged in own home. These people tried their best to frame and present the way they felt like to present things, situations. If I had any interaction with someone or if had any interest somewhere, this person used his filthiest language. Wherever i went officially or unofficially, even home, these people wrote about that. WHY? 

Something i posted on my FB or blog:

And there was a post "...missing....." by Mr. Rajbir Deswal's 

And click (Here)

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's posts Fuuuuur... (post has already been deleted by this person)

Mr. Neeraj Bali's commentary...   ".....haathi, ghode.........."

A gal who defied their dictates, listened to and wrote whatever she felt like and went wherever she should had been. On that has own kinda circle of people who defy such dictates. How that could be tolerable in a land where such sick people feel that gals are better confined to home boundary? A gal who is unwilling even in her 30s to live or marry on others terms and conditions. Such gal could only be branded not so social, not so docile and witch-hunted! Such people even try to keep such gals "The Other" and if that does not happen.. Face the music! Oh Yeah! Such sants do have some image and a following! A land of bloody hypocrites and on that shamelessly cowardice people!!

By chance some screenshot/s i have with me
One of them, a bit recent one  

Click the link (here)

Now why the hell someone wanna cope with someone's musical notes and what the hell these clouds to do with that?

Now check what he could cope:
I was searching for some lyrics.. beach party and few other songs and this cop-ing men came with this Sept. Venturing out post (Again post has been deleted or kept private!):

Wondered, about the type and choice of songs selection (from such a large variety, i used to listen) this person felt like to write? 

Question is not musical notes or who listens what and post what but tax payers money, high tech cops with surveillance tech. sitting at some high position and chasing/snooping/stalking gals, people 24hr. They are abusing their power/status and playing with privacy and human rights violations. 
Interesting, common public does not know ABCDs about any such tech existence. Second, people do not know that, that tech exists due to their own money. Third what the heck these people are doing with that?

Police can get my search history and this person (Rather these persons, whose names i have written in my complain) FB posts. Oh yeah, even articles! I will write in some other post.
I had even requested for the same to then DIG/SSP. But no such request and procedure was taken care off. What i felt during this so called investigation time-period is that police officers knew well, what the heck happened and how. Neither they could accept nor could go ahead with the proper investigation and denied even about the knowledge of any such technology!
I had even requested to check all those people's FB posts, search history, blogs, twitter and overall electronic trail (including mine) to get the actual picture of this drama. It would be too difficult in such a crime for a victim even to explain all (whatever actually happened), forget the proofs!  
It did not stop here. Worse is still to write. These people watched me not just in office, on road and outside home wherever i was but even in my home and wrote about that. These people even threatened me with the consequences if all that become public. They even ridiculed what a life i would have then! And my near and dear ones feared most about that "A naked game of surveillance tech".... My next post.

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