Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hahaha-karees and crazy rockers!

Your personal life is not personal here. It is a public property! If you interact with anyone then that would be on FB in worst form, you cannot even imagine. You will be rebuked, reprimanded, like typical kangaroo courts, there will be public drama. Difference was, it was a hitech. drama. People wrote and talked, whatever they wanted. They did all kinda hahahakaari!! And if you dared to say that you have no damn right to write like that, keep shut and mind your own business. Well, probably even god cannot save you. The worst kinda witch-hunt started and you and your dear and near ones could not do a thing about that, except watching live drama. 

What this person and his crime associates wanted to do by doing all that, only they can tell better. Two single persons, met a few times officially and then twice on some BDay or lunch. The phase, where two persons did not even know each other well and story reach on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's FB wall, like there was some physical or live-in relation! This person wrote in the filthiest language he could! l got advises, suggestions from well wishers "Keep a distance". "Do not talk to cowards". "And better if can then leave this sick people's place!" I kept wondering what these people had to do with others personal life? What if i had a boy friend? What if i had physical or live in relation? Well, so many questions were there. Did this guy start leaking some secrets to the girl, whom no fear could shut? Or by daring to tell an IG that mind your own business, this girl hit somewhere a typical Indian police officer ego? Whatever! I accepted those advises from well wishers and totally ignored this guy rather than courting further unnecessary controversy. Well, drama ended? No! More hi-pitch, hi-tech drama started. 

I liked someone in college days and proposed the guy. Typical teenagers years. The guy told he would not marry in life. After few years, we moved on and had own different circle and life. I met him last in 2005 and talked on phone once before his marriage in 2010. This person, Mr. Rajbir Deswal and his friends now started writing day and night about planes, halicopter, dungaree (IAF uniform), sun, moon, northern lights, aura, aurora and tried to show to the public that i was someone third person in this guy's married life! People advised again ignore. He is sick and attention seeker! He just wanna disturb you. But how long, when you know someone was talking all shit about you? I asked some common friends, what the heck was going in this guy's (fighter pilot) married life but even most common friends were not in his touch. 

When this drama was going on, I wrote to this guy on FB, after few years just to ask what the heck was going on? And i was still wondering what the heck was going on as that person and his wife said "all fine" but Mr. Rajbir Deswal and his gang kept on their drama on FB!

Mr. Rajbir Deswal's Post just after my message to this guy:
August 29 near Chandigarh 2013
"Thus spake the Lord: Chitragupt go, send group SMSs, send group emails, use internet. Akashwani is passe. Even telegrams have lived thier life. Tweet. Hark! Ho! Create a Facebook page. Sawa-rupya—Oh no!Hey, all transactions in Dollars. Yamraj, are there any hackers out there? Indra, how many fake IDs have you created Dear? Narad, downolad some jazz tunes and put aside that veena! 
O’ Deva! What is happening here!"

That was how this person Mr. Rajbir Deswal was writing, kinda make simplest things epic! Things did not stop here. You know, it was a typical witch-hunt to defame me, to make my life a hell. Whatever i wrote, whatever i listened, whatever i did, this person wrote about that. It was a 24hr shadow. 
I tried to show a bold side, i cried, i ignored but nothing helped. He kept on writing directly, indirectly, in subtle hints. He rebuked, he reprimanded by giving twists to things by misusing surveillance technology. He supported, he confessed his crime publicly, he lied, he showed sympathy, he behaved kinda pervert. I could not understand, what the heck he wanted? What the hell he is? A crowd followed him, gave tunes to his notes/writings and some behaved like typical herd behavior! 

I wondered on times, if really two persons wanted to meet, could not they? That was also those persons about whom this person wrote "not so docile", "not so social" and blah, blah, blah. I asked so many questions myself during this whole drama. I tried to search many, analyzed and tried to cut my own existence from outside noises. Interestingly, I exhausted all my leaves this year, which otherwise used to be in excess to me. I took earned leaves just to search some questions, i am still unaware. After this whole drama, what i found is that how myths emerge? What technology is doing rather misuse of technology is doing with lives? How some rejected pieces can spread worst kinda rumours and keep them alive over years. How some non-sense and ignorant people can fuel them.    

Friends, cousins, well wishers, kiddos, mah cousin marriage and shopping kept me alive and kicking. Oh! What i realized during this whole drama especially this year, some young, crazy-rockers as a new support system.. niece/s and nephew/s! Best wishes and a special thanks to them!

Note: This post will be followed by Kaarnaame of these hahahakaaris (some screenshots), can be understood only in this post's background. Though almost all direct posts have been deleted by Mr. Rajbir Deswal and his gang even before i could screenshot them but still some subtle ones are there. They will be in next post..

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