Sunday, December 14, 2014

Father Figure Kidding, Right?

Now check the link  (here)

Might be just coincidence or inspiration or when one reads so religiously others blogs/writings then something gonna leave behind somewhere in mind and gonna match automatically. 

Someone wrote something on his wall and reaction was here: 
Just coincidence, you know

One of my neice marriage, i did not attend


Some cousin's marriage and green saari/dress, food, deco. discussion with sis-in law and then just co-incidence:

Just a day before there was some talk with a lady prof. and next day this article:

Twisted tales confessions:

Just yuhi, i think, khamkhan ke ghost:

There was some get together at some friends place in Bahadurgarh and while coming back there was some talk on phone with a friend who was in another car. 

Check below post. Makes sense?
Now check my online purchase on flipcart:

My complain and what an effect of female mosquito!

Something special about this female Moscow mosquito??

Seems so! My Moscow visit and all coincidental timings like theses Siberian birds:

More miraculous coincidences will be in next post

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