Monday, December 15, 2014

Bloody Headstrong, Bloody Heartstrong?

In comments zone plz check the missing comment 
(Comment has been deleted by Mr. Mahavir Jagdev's)
(Yes! She is headstrong and knows well how to deal with sick people!)

In comments zone plz check the missing comment 
(Comment has been deleted by Mr. Mahavir Jagdev's)

Hitting someone too directly in the filthiest way people can

These people tried their best that i keep wasting my time in unnecessary emotional drama/s and forget the real issue. These people tried their best to create misunderstandings among friends and create problems between people who could be anyhow help somewhere on those issues; a fight against corrupts. 

Check above comment of facebook handlers!

I would not able to prove that the same day i went to parlour for manicure!
Though CDR (Call data records) shows well my location

Till today i do not have!
Might be common or you know just another coincidence!

Same day i talked to my bro, while i was in office! His name is Sunil!
That call is there in CDR along with time and location!

Check the decency level of a Retd. Prof. and then correction!

Read some comment above
Jisne padna that pad liya aur by chance screenshot bhi le liya!
These people know in real time that what people are reading and downloaded or if took screenshot!

Language experts who can "ghumaao" things very well, sometimeS do kinda introspection!

I have always risen in love (Here )! Might be mere coincidence!
This same person Prof. Swaran Singh has written in some other post, why do not you blame the person who screwed your life! Sadly, That screenshot is not with me. 

The day I complained to DGP, Haryana!

This person has even deleted one profile where he had written so much shit from rape to marrying a 18year old gal to 80years old man. He has written about undergarments, brands, clours! Police can get all that easily but police is helping these criminals and onus is on me to prove ELSE CHALTA HAI, YAHAN SAB CHALTA HAI! KEEP SHUT GAL!

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