Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sweet-Sour 2014

The year started with much anxiety, fear, expectations and excitement. The wait was over in  Feb with a new life in that home, A Sweet Cute Gal; Mah Niece! Her presence proved that if one person (out of nowhere) can break people, bonds beyond repair then one can act as a bonding gel. If one person can be a trigger point of constant hate, anger and disgust in your mind then one can be the smiling force. And kids are always great at the happiness point. On that she is a smiling baby.. :) rather should say force. She just keeps on smiling and can make anyone smile in any kinda mood. On the other hand, I wonder on times, why almost all self styled, enforcing kinda mentors (maan na maan main tera mehmaan!) act as tormentors? Probably, they try so hard to teach you that they add one more tor to men to twist the word itself and make it "Tor+Men+Tor". 

Almost at the same time, i entered a new zone at professional front and to some extent forgot what does mean academics. It was a totally different kinda experience. It gave totally different kinda learning and experiences. Oh! One more thing added to the life's profile in this year, finally lodged a complaint against some hitech hifi goons (Bas yahin bach gaya tha shayad karne ko zindgi main!). And police is "acting" true to Indian police image! So innocent people nah, don't even know if such technologies do exist in India! These people are behaving/acting like do not know the ABCs of cyber crime and how to investigate that! Such people increase goon's adventurism and that's what happening. I started writing this post few days back with the title "Happy New Year" then changed the title to "Sweet-Sour 2014". Goons worked on both words at the same time, along with many others! It seems this case needs some more time and energy from my side. For a while, halted some professional and personal growth for the sake of what i believe in. This is not just the case of abuse of power and herds behaviour of goons style moral policing, but the misuse of public money in the form misuse of those technologies, public is not even aware about if such type of technologies do exist. This case is also a good study material that how myths emerge from twisted stories roaming from one person to another. How people add their own prejudiced views, vested interests, mirch-masala and understanding to make things kinda epic!

On times, two bad Ps (Police and Politics) were more than enough to unbalance but one good P (Pearl, mah niece) in all those times proved more than enough to overpower both! I kept on wondering, how a lil kid's presence, who even does not know how to talk, can instantly overpower bad elements out of your mind. This year was started on a good note with a gal's entry and gonna end with another good happening; mah cousin's marriage. Gals are lifeline of that home and 2014 gonna end on a good note.. I believe and hope so!! 

झिलमिल सी कोई रौशनी नज़र आती है
एक किरण जैसे अंधकार चीर जाती है
ये विश्वास और हौसला वो शय हैं 
जो हर शय पे भारी पड़ जाती हैं!!

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