Saturday, November 15, 2014

FB, Social Sites Handlers

FB Handlers: They can change your post status from only me to public and public to me or friends. Well, means they can play anyway with your FB also! Status change depends on what suits these handlers and their mindset. Yes! These so called FB handlers do changes on people's profiles even without that FB profile owners knowledge. 
I have noticed this many times last year also and still it's continue. Same thing has also been noticed on twitter last year. I opened my twitter account after few months and found "about me" status totally changed there.

Another FB handlers trick: It has been noticed that same FB profile can show or hide different posts to different FB profiles even though those posts are public! Now how public posts can be blocked for some specific profile/people only, for permanently or specific time, i do not know. No! Do not jump to the conclusion of block zone. In case of blocking one cannot see anything. I would like to know, if anyone knows these tricks or if there are any new updates of FB regarding such settings. So much control on social media and that is also illegal? 
You must be thinking, why to take so much pain for these worthless social sites? Well, as this is not just about these sites but control freaks freaky and illegal ways. This is also about how virtual zone is changing our day by day life. 

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