Thursday, November 20, 2014

काँडाओं की नगरी है ये, बाबाओं का देश है

The Barwala happening shows like a system has been hijacked by a baba. But if we look at the overall drama, then truth seems something else. First of all, why this situation arose? System here does not work until and unless water seems crossing the head. Most of these powerful people (They can be politicians, so called shadhus and people sitting at some high post) try to be self styled righteous and behave like semi gods. Most of such people have a crowd following them and somehow protecting them. Our police in most such cases does not work until and unless get some kinda scolding. 

काँडाओं की नगरी है
 ये बाबाओं का देश है 
मालूम है ऐसे लोगों को 
कि एक भीड़ भी जुटा लेंगे

 हाहाकार मचाकर भी ये
जयजयकार भी करवा लेंगे 
पहनकर जनहित का चोला 
काले को भी सफेद दिखा देंगे

अंधों कि नगरी है ये 
शायद मुर्दाओं का ये देश है 
मुर्दे भी शायद मचलते हैं यहाँ 
भोले लोगों को सताने के लिये

जला लो एक और दिया
एक बार फिर से तार-तार 
इंसानियत का खून है हुआ 
हैवान फिर से बलवान यहाँ हुआ

बदनीयत वाले नंगा नाच करके भी
खुदको यहाँ पाक़-सॉफ दिखा देंगे?
ऐसे- हालातों में इन सैतानो का 
भला तुम क्या तो बिगार लोगे?
Another interesting aspect i could not ever understand, if these people are real sants, then why the hell they need security? Another so called sant from this state got Z-Category. Wonder, whose money is that, that government is wasting on such draamebaazs? If he really needs any security then he has more than enough resources for that. Baba, business and politics, interesting saga indeed.

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