Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Misuse of Surveillance Technology

We are living in a naked world. Public is in dark. Just a mobile in your hand means a spy with you almost 24hrs! What surveillance technology is doing with public is the worst kinda violations of human rights. These people are not just recording and storing our calls/Internet surfing data on mass scale but misusing people's personal data against them to manipulate their personal and professional life. People handling this surveillance are misusing that data day by day. How? If a person at IG, Commissioner level has some grudge against you or even if different views than yours then check for yourself, what he can do:
He can know and analyze your life up to the extent, probably even you have not, by stalking you 24hrs!! Naturally only a sick person can do that. But then all kinds of sick are all around.
He can check your surrounding, family, friends, friends of friends, relatives details the same way!
He can check and analyze what you are talking and discussing with whom!
He can analyze what kind of relations you have with each and every person in your surrounding.
He can share all your personal details with his circle and so called friends, family and relatives or whosoever he wants!
He can check all your income and expenditure details.
He can check all your online surfing including mails, social sites, passwords, banking details, tax returns, old mails, blogs, e-purchase and whatever you listen or watch.
He can check what you typed and then deleted. Once typed, means that info has been transferred permanently to these people!
He can check which song you listen and how many times and at which sec. you reversed that back! Now even to listen a song you have to think??
He can know all your likes and dislikes, all your sizes and brands/non brands.
He can know where you are at a particular time and what you are doing.
If you are not talking on phone with anyone but your phone is nearby, he can listen all your conversation.
Even if your phone is switched off but battery is there in that phone that person still can listen you.
He can watch you through so called mirrors from sky watch/satellites/cameras into your home/office!
He can tell what you are wearing at a particular time, eat, cook even in your home! Now what kinda bug/mirrors this person/s has installed into your home or office, only they can tell better! But why they will?? 
If these people wanna irritate you then they can send those pop-ups on all those sites you open with the messages you hate! See how much time such people have!
He can check out with whom you have what kind of problems and where you can be vulnerable!
He can tell when you sleep and wake up, go for bath or refresh yourself! What he cannot??? Only, cannot cut your head/brain to know what the heck is going there!! If these people could do that, surely they had done without any guilt or shame!!
Surveillance technology means 24hr watch!!! Yes! You are in worst kinda cage! At least in cage people can understand your situation but here even to make people understand things you have to make efforts!! 

A person or people who have so much information about anyone can be dangerous in so many ways. What if you come across some secrets of so called highly placed people? What if you have different views than these people, different lifestyle than they believe? What if you have different ideology, political views? What if you have some kinda fractions or they have any kinda grudges against you? Only God can save you!  These people can try to blackmail you, harass you, judge you and based on that judgement can divulge with all kinda mirch-masala and twists and turns, all those so called details the way they want just to defame you publicly!! Not just that they can make you mental by telling so minute details about your own life, body or problems, till now you have not given even a thought!! 

Question is: Is that person or these people have all these rights??
That's what happening with me since early 2012!!

Aur sabse badi baat!! Itana maatha marne ke bawzood ak chhote se machhar se presaan!! Disco diwaane to suna tha But yahan to Moscow Diwaane!! Aahaan!!

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