Sunday, July 20, 2014

लड़की कमीनी निकली!?!

Some pics:
Aug 3, 12:
I wont say a word about this just one "Bliss". 
How to catch the attention. Read people's blog and different posts and

And when this blessed grand daughter feel even lil down, she knows well, where to look.. Up in the sky?? Naah! Just some images in the mind! Yes! I am too weird and so called normal people cannot understand that! Miracles happen to those people who believe in them!!
My blog post on my grandpa which was private and so much matching-matching..

Sept. 26, 12 
For a Change! Written within pink colour boundary!
I uploaded a DP in pink colour suit!! Indian or so called traditional dress after long!  
My same day pic. Date can be extracted so easily from that pic.

Aug. 18, 13
M, Me and R
Red Hot! Or should i write lal-pari?? Or............
Purpose??? Just to tell that i don’t just listen your calls and check online surfing and talk with friends but even listen you while mobiles are nearby you people??

Sept. 23, 13: I just uploaded my pic in red colour dress and lemonish colour shrug (Manali Trip).. Just after that this person uploaded his DP with ditto these two colours background.

Read One Commentary: Aura!
There were so many posts and commentary on aura, aurora/northern lights/sun, pole, star etc. etc.
Many other commentaries were there "Pretty lady in red" and blah blah blah
Red, Red, Red!...... Need to write kya?? Anything to do with some poem?? Jo kisi ne chori-chhupe padi!!
So much had been written publicly and so many people read all that
Kisi fauji pe bada likha ja raha tha from pilot, fighter, dungaree and almost hundreds of posts!!
Read commentary in a post below:

Dhoom Macha Le Dhoom.. My parlour visit and this song.. Same day pic below: 

I wrote a post on my blog, and straight forward message was  "For people who could not understand some philosophy and some people even after so much snooping.. Well, Noble gases Don't Bond!! They live in their own small world!!"

"Noble gases Don't Bond"
And uploaded a video:

And there was a pic!!!

And people said "Saala kameena hai!! Bachke rahna!!"
Why all timings match so well?? So so and so many so called mere coincidences??

Many more dirty posts were there.. Log 7th main kya karte the aur budde hoke kya karne lage!! From support team's additional commentary apne haath jagannaath to the worst people could write, they wrote! Probably by thinking, a gal would not speak up rather torture her to the extent that she finishes herself and do suicide!! But sach main ladki kameeni nikali!?! 
And this is known as kinda physical stalking:
I went to meet my friend in Karnal with my brother. She lives near Atal park. Below pic is just another coincidence?

Kyun Mr. Honesto Hakikat yahi hai na????
Kahin jhoot toh ni bol diya is post main maine kuchh??

Kahan tak khud ko hi jhootlaawoge???
Kis-kis ko aur kahan-kahan bacha paaoge???
Suna, "Bhagat singh har koyi chahta hai magar padosi ke ghar main"
Shuruaat kyun na khud se hi ho jaaye.......??? 

Why this person deleted all those posts, i raised questions about, talk about his integrity and honesty? Not just this person but all those people in his circle, i complained about did the same! Might be just coincidences!!

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