Thursday, January 15, 2015

Protectors or Predators?

These so called protectors, on this or that sly
Ventured into so many restricted zones
As there was not any risk of any exposure
So dived like sharks, wherever they felt like!!
Dived, floated, enjoyed unchallenged waters
As the situations were either "ignorance was bliss"
Or targets were too cowards or probably paralyzed
Like poisonous spider/s entrapped the tiny ant/s!!
They became fearless with so many such dives
So there was no fear of any kinda exposure
Ventured here and there unrestricted, unrestrained
Till the time they ventured into alien's land!!
A tricky game started under invisible waters
There was lull, there was lure and accolades
Tried hard to catch the "मक्की का दाना"
Forgot Law's long hands in that maze bungalow!!

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