Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Salute to Women Power!!

Suna hai "Aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai" BUT experienced no-one can be a better dost than women!! 
Time and again, i am amazed the way i found myself surrounded by women as a support in challenging time. Best and close friends, where you can share anything under the sun and who can understand you better than anyone else. Sis-in law/s, who acts not just a family support but on times kinda friends also. Colleagues and senior ladies especially the ones who watched your transformation from those students days to a scholar and then following their steps in their own profession. And those ladies who acted as a guiding force themselves in their respective fields and directly or indirectly encouraged and recognized your potential. Being a blogger myself i should not forget inspiring blogger ladies in this blogging neighbourhood. They may be writing on different topics but somehow balance and on times even overpower the negative vibes, we experience from real world, by their "Be Yourself Attitude"!! Thanks to all these sweet ladies!!

It does not mean to underestimate the importance of males in life as my inspiration force and powerhouse was/is still a male, my grandpa! But do not know why somehow the current episode marked a bad imprint on mind, i guess for life!  

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