Wednesday, June 18, 2014

इस हमाम में सब नंगा है!!

It was in the early months of 2012, when i started feeling uncomfortable about some posts on some FB wall. That FB wall was of then IG, CID. I was in his friend list due to some good impression (Honest and blah blah) given about him by some colleague. But in very short time that impression turned into depression. Day by day, those sick and filthy posts kept on attacking me and people in my surrounding harder and harder especially my friends. Within short time, this person intruded in my life to unbelievable extent. I was like how it was possible. Initially i discussed all that with close friends, then more friends, then cousins and finally family. 
This person came to University as a chief guest in some program and the whispers were in the air that he had been specially invited by then Vice Chancellor. At that time, some media was after Vice Chancellor due to corruption charges against him. What conspired in that meeting, only these people can tell better. But with time, those corruption charges kinda faded just like any other corruption case in India. That Vice Chancellor completed his term and University got new Vice Chancellor. This IG, CID became CP. Till that time I had deleted him from my friend list due to his day by day filthy, offensive language (now almost all those posts especially written in 2012 either kept private or might be deleted by him!). I thought all that would stop but more and more worst kinda personal attacks kept on increasing either due to this or that excuse. Finally, i deleted my FB profile but after some time, on friends insistence made another and decided to fight back. 
Many strange things happened kinda if you cannot convince then confuse. Shower blessings, directly or indirectly support against some authorities, wherever i had some fractions or arguments or differences, give moral support and demoralize, show compassion and then tell i was not just listening to all your calls but even when you had your phone nearby! If that was not enough, it was kinda watching you in your office, on road, in market and even in your home! You were wearing so and so, under-dressed or overdressed. You were with this or that person or group or in some meeting or class! Whenever i wrote something against all those offensive posts, he tried to demonize me on this or that excuse. He hit all those whoever supported me directly or indirectly. And he was/is not alone in all this drama. There is a gang. Some people are supporting openly and some acting as a back up team. With time, it was kinda making a profile of my strengths and weaknesses and a try to break at mental level. Just recently, i realized things reached up to physical stalking! Right now this person is IG, Telecom. Is not it strange that even now he has access to my all internet activities along with phone?
Instead of my professional subjects, i started reading how to tackle bullies, how anyone could listen your every call and could listen you even when you were not on call but just phone was nearby. How anyone could watch you just anywhere. And answers were kinda, ghosh, we are living in a naked world. Public is in dark. Even more surprising was, whatever i read or searched in these almost two years, just to get answers for my own questions, this person indirectly helped me by giving clues!!! Those clues were kinda wire-tap, prism, kinda watching from ten story building, cloudy eyes etc etc. Simple, governments across the world are using tax payer's money on mass surveillance not against terrorist but against their opponents. Mass surveillance against terrorists is just an excuse to hype and to fool people and keep all this shit private, away from public eyes. Now these opponents could be anyone from economic rivals to political rivals to common people like you and me. 

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