Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Stopped Writing?? Naah!!
I did not stop writing. For some time, I just stopped the way of that venting out. When so many hawkish eyes are there to tear up each and every word of yours then probably you take time to understand things. When you are being snooped on 24hrs by so called security agencies/some people then you need time to understand the purpose of that snooping. Why and how this drama started? Why and how someone became so much interested in some gal?  Why this indirect fight is going on since almost two years on social site? Why that person has been devoting so much time on just one gal? Just one gal? So many questions are there and probably i have answers to some. A try to answer some of my own questions of this puzzle..
A flash back, August 2011, Anna movement, India against corruption protest, in front of CM house, was the most probable start point of this story. Many characters are there in this story. Some issues are more important rather than characters. Corruption! That's where story starts and  hopefully action, that is where i would like to end it. Hierarchy, chair game, dirty politics, ego clashes, gamble, casteism, genderism, stereotypes, hypocrites are there. There are security concerns, Human rights, privacy issues, civil rights and cynical power clashes. Love, hate, anger, disgust, so many angles of rainbow of human emotions are there. Care, share, cries, laughter pills, hurt, heal, deal, arguments, fights between old and new and drama of human relations are there. Such a short span of time and so many turns and twists. 

Indeed, life is a roller-coaster ride
Do whatever you can
To overcome different kinda tides
But do not forget to live, while you are alive! 

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