Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss???

Really??? May be that's why so many ignorants are happy and smiling on someone else like fools (like their own daughters, sisters, wives or they themselves are safe from all this shit!) or a few not so ignorants are either too laid off kinda or who cares type creatures or some may be even cowards!!

People can go to any extent to declare you mad, bad or whatever suit them in some particular situation (Misuse of this and that technology and power)! PRISM, reflectors and refractors or so many other names gadgets/technical helps are there to see through the mirror, not self but distant objects like making so called choti/pony tail and then hanging that in front of so-called truck's mirror!....... so many coincidences again! Then there may be lynx-eyed creatures sensing, observing, scribbling, venting or writing their own rhythms of life, doing piter-patter (and then someone uploading some pic), discussing or smiling on human's endeavours to conquer the tough, know the unknown, reach the hidden or may be thinking on times if the fruit of this knowledge is worth your time and energy, where so many so-called honest people are just too dishonest and crazy? Or ordinary people or so-called aam-adami at least need to know that how we are living in a naked world on the name of security! But then some people may be right, who have their own reservations in this matter especially in India's context where more than half population do not even know the meaning of a respectable life and social security and what the hell i am talking, human/civil and privacy rights!! If really wanna feel like to talk and take part in all this bullshit then move to your dreamland rather than wasting your life in this hell or when in the Rome, do like the Romans do..... Just be ignorant!!! grrr
Or better still people like me should believe in and strive for Rabindranath Tagore's: Where The Mind Is Without Fear........!!!

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