Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chemical Party!!

For people who is missing fun part on my blog. Here it goes from my friend:

Son: Papa don't behave like a kid!
Father: Beta don't you know nearby 60s some people start feeling again like kids.
But an experienced kid who act and react a bit different way!
Son: Oh! Menopause Effect!
Father: Nooo! Till now i do not know about that effect.
But yeah! People call that "Shattiya gaya budda" and i say back "Budda hoga tera baap"!!

*Bad Joke! Ohk! No Hard Feelings.. Haan!

There is another joke about new terms we came to know recently about human anatomy.. Saala, humane anatomy main pahle toh ye terms kabhi ni padi yaar.. Oh! come on.. Tu bhi na, may be they belong to the above joke category people!! Will talk about them sometime later..

Human interactions, actions, reactions, relations are work  of chemicals. Suna hai and also read about that lil bit here and there!
These European people are too much but still rational and i think know well how to teach.
Check out their Chemical party:

For people who could not understand some philosophy and some people even after so much snooping.. Well, Noble gases Don't Bond!! They live in their own small world!!

* Thanks for the not so good joke and reminding me about this old video gal! Waiting for another "joke"..
Note: People who did not watch the stalking and defamation drama on Mr. Rajbir Deswal's wall cannot understand this post.

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