Sunday, November 24, 2013

Venturing Out..

V: (Some kinda warning) ki patte khol rahe hain boss??
Well man, i think till now so many people already know that what you know and how!! Now lemme tell so many others also that how government people are misusing (oops! using) surveillance technology!
With the help of laptop, phone, cameras, internet and so many CCTVs here and there, so many people are watching people even in their homes, bedrooms and some even writing all that in their posts (just to harass people)! What people are eating and wearing. Where they are going. What are the happenings/mis happenings in their life and writing them with their own analysis and added effects!! 

Aug. 3, 13
"Having wings is one thing but having a bird's eye view perching on the tallest tree-branch is another."

Aug 6, 13
"Ak kaneez ki aarju- chhoti ya badi lekin baadshahat ko chunnoti"

V: Wonder! If most people sitting on so and so chairs think like that?? I mean apne aap ko baadshah aur public ko kaneez??? But why it's so that if its someone else then support, what about self?? Mirror please.

Aug. 6, 13
......Mazak udaana ho toh........ "Khub ho miyan, ped bo-bo ke aam khate ho!"

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