Sunday, November 17, 2013

Question-Answer Series (1)

What is the difference between a child and an adult and mature person?
Child means innocent. He does not have that much bhejha to fry (I feel). An adult means adulterous (Suna hai). And mature person means Kameena (Experienced talk)! The more mature means the more kameena, can manipulate things easily and much better and complex ways!
Its again evolution i think from simple to complex! Oops!! My obsession with evolution! Log bhi Darwin-Darwin pukaarne lage ;)

Ye haath ki safaayi kahan se aa rahi hai?? From too blunt and straight forward person to.... Haan?
I have been taught by someone big expert and his team in this field recently. So see the difference in such a short span of time! You see teaching and teachers matter a lot especially practical training/teaching methods! Who the hell said i do not have results. I never ever believed in certificates you know but only learning and applying that learning practically and its impact. Check out the difference from CID (Archived) to recent updates! From only to me posts to friends posts!! May be, may come to public posts also on that social platform though too difficult task as i am too reserved person at that front! 

What do you think about this expert's work in this field?
Hmmm i think this person is doing good social work kinda Snowden acted/acting as a whistle blower (pun intended especially for the people who love it more and use frequently)!! On that he and his team is a good care taker! Kinda this:
Seems so much similarities are there! No??? Yeah! Some things have even crossed their care taking skills!

What is this obsession with sun, aurora and northern lights??
The people who know me know well my love for nature and its phenomenon. My Love for freedom, travelling and Nordic region. The way i search and go single minded for my plans/trips/work etc without caring about the outcome. I think same way i wrote before going to USA and Moscow. People who read especially at USA time can tell that even more obsessed i was at that time. Its my way of planning things and keeping mind on track! Check out the latest update:
If some people (wo bhi totally stranger) can make/see northern lights as southern, aurora as Aura and aura-ra-ra and sun to something else then i think its their obsession about my blog, my writings, my interests, my life and me (???)!

What was the last movie you watched?
Watched "Boss" in "Raj-Mandir" in Jaipur while i was on an official trip with students!

Thank you for your patience! Series will continue.. Have A Nice Weekend!!

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