Friday, November 15, 2013

I Wonder On Times..

I wonder on times..
How the hell people have so much variance
In views, in lifestyle, in actions and reactions 
Especially the ways of living their life!!

I wonder on times..
About people's variance of curiosity level
In others life, surrounding or happenings
Especially the ways of actions and reactions!!

I wonder on times
About the power of what, why and how
Life's beauties, treaties, struggles and fights
Especially the ways of solutions to some riddles!!

I wonder on times..
About ethics, beliefs and religions of different people/regions
Human's power of hope, blessings, positive vibes, survives
Especially the ways of reigning the world against all odds!!

Kinda This (saying who dares wins!!): 

Yes! Again same video as i love it and felt it suits here!!

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