Thursday, October 3, 2013

Be Yourself

Left, Right, liberals, moderates, neutrals (rather better to call them non-existent/s!) and  so many different forces pretending or acting as driving forces to run the show... kinda the show must go on.....
 Living amid so many self-righteous forces who hardly care about others rights and try to enforce their own views even at the cost of law of the land (especially for people who think geographically/locally in this global age) can be so difficult on times.. experienced all this from a different angle during this trip on choice of music of different people rather call different generations and enforcement ways of their own views on others!! I think still it was a mild form compare to what's happening since last more than a year.. (may be in next post "Protectors or Predators???").

We come across so many different people and their opinions every day and at every place; be it home, school, college, uni. or work place that if started thinking so much just about each and everyone then have to stop breathing itself! From what to wear, what to eat, how to talk, whom to talk, what to listen,  how to behave, how to live and list goes on and on endlessly. Always better thing is Be Yourself!! 

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