Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On mind now a days..

Friends: are those who are with you right now and were there over the years and will be. On and off cases in general (though exceptions are everywhere) are opportunists, problem creators and jealous rumour mongers!! Later cases actually do not come under friends category but toxic wastes!!
Family: Blood is thicker than water, seems so. I feel myself lucky for whatever i have. I love myself the way i am. People who know me know well that what does mean friends and family to me. I fight with them, may have differences but still i love them and love to be surrounded by them. 

Love: cannot be the destroyer but can only be the creator without any claim, blame, possessiveness or show offs!! It is the survival instinct of humanity and all relations not mere perpetuation or a gal and guy relation. 

Likes: Simple alike. We like some qualities in some people as we are similar somewhere. Likes give us peace and make life beautiful. 

Diversity: gives a chance to look beyond our own cocoon. I think it's in its own some kinda adventure to learn beyond our own narrow view. It makes a rainbow!

Intruders: Comparatively new species for me. May be as i lived in a bit too protective shield. I will talk about this protective shield and this intruder species in some other post! Many of you who are reading this probably do not even know up to what extent this technology has reached in our life! Example: I wrote some post but it's still there as a draft and someone even without my knowledge may post something about that somewhere!! Kuchh bhi possible hai yahan! Nahi???

Yes! I am coming to the topic but itti bhi jaldi kya hai??? Have patience please ;)

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