Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friends and Foes, Allies and Spies

Welcome to the world of Sci-Fi
Turning into reality day by day
No physical intrusion
No war cry
Friends and allies
In the form of deceptive foes and spies!

It's neither any world war nor cold war era
Geographic boundaries losing their real sense
Big and small foxes (So called world leaders)
Shaking hands, faking smiles with deceptive eyes
Just to shake the backbones of each other!

New poles are emerging and..
World is moulding itself to new realities
Frenemies; once allies
Looking towards each other
Like aliens and spies!

Civil states vs. Police States
Liberties vs. Securities
Democracies vs. Dictatorships
Tussling to overpower each other
To turn simple humane values
Into complex Encrypted Codes!!
(Rather read Corrupted) 

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