Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where Do You Belong??

Distinguish between:
Triumph of ego and triumph of spirit
Kinda manipulative win and factsheet

Letter of words and spirit of justice
Kinda letter of law and spirit of law

Evidential proof and Reality bites 
Truth by proof and truth of actuality... 

And the list goes on. Day by day we come across so many people, situations and stories; some based on myths, while some reality bites and some a mix of both. This type of distinction is kinda human instinct. We express it or not is totally different matter. I wonder on times if human being by nature is a dictator who tries to enforce on others what s/he likes/wants! Strange is the world and strange are its ways! It's not just the upbringing but the surrounding of our personal as well as professional zone also, that reflects in some sense even in our actions!! 

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