Saturday, April 14, 2012

God! Is There???

So many things are there in the world/universe, we do not know. Just assume, presume, have been taught or follow blindly. This god is one of them! ohk! My english critics, i am again wrong. It must be God but why? iS not  it somewhat like i.. oh! I! lEAVE IT! fORGET IT! i WILL WRITE THE way i like.. ohk! I will improve (in next sem.);) 

It's not that i never ever believed in god. I have been taught by birth that there is something, something known as god. But with time realized that it's nothing but faith cum fear. Whenever something bad happened, this or that person told me rather gave me the fear of god that you do not believe in him/her/whatever that's why it happened! If it's so then why so many bad things happen to people who worship him day and night?? Oh! Karma! Right?? Oops! Blind follower?? No? Someone told you so. No?? Well, simple by birth you have been conditioned like this and if you are feeling better by having a faith on any other thing than yourself, then simple have! I believe in having that faith on myself, most of the times. And when felt really too weak then that faith switch to blessings or try to remember the people who are good to me. At the same time try to forget the people who are/were not so good to me. Yeah! On some rare occasions, i went to those stones, abused them and felt better. Now depends, may be from different people, on different times, he (He) likes to listen different kinda prayers. No?? Here also gender matters i guess as i never ever abused any goddess!! Lolz here do gender exists!! I never heard about any transgender god! Why?? Mayaavi nagri hai inki bhi!! Saala, yahan bhi discrimination! We believe in everything as per our own comfort, nothing more! May be somewhat like taste buds can be developed overtime for this or that!

Sorry! This saala seems stuck with mah tongue.. ;) 

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