Monday, January 16, 2012

It's just our way of looking at things..

I could not ever understand why people always say..
"Fallen in love"?? Why cannot rise?
How love can be anyone's weakness??
Why cannot they make it their strength??
How the one whom s/he loves can be at blame for their failures?
Why cannot they win for the sake of that one??

At least i never said that and for sure would not ever!!
Say either i am too lucky or that's my way..
People always complained..
Why i never ever blamed that person who screwed my life!!
But i wondered if really he screwed my life or made it!!

It's just our way of looking at things that work wonders!!
And i think it's we who screw or make our life
In failures, look around for someone to be a scapegoat!!
And in victory wanna  give all credit to self!!
The fall and rise lie in our mind, all other are mere excuses!!
As winners always come with results and losers only blame games!! 

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